how to earn free cryptocurrency online
how to earn free cryptocurrency online

8 best ways to earn cryptocurrency for free

If you are reading this guide it is because you have heard about cryptos and would like to get some without investing out of your own pocket. These are not financial tips, and be careful not to believe those who promise you immediate gains or those who propose bargains that are too good to be true. In the field of cryptocurrency, attempts to scam users are not uncommon. But in this guide, we have listed the most reliable sites that will allow you to earn cryptocurrency for free without the risk of scams or broken promises.

1. Airdrop

how to earn free cryptocurrency

The most popular method of earning cryptocurrency for free is to take advantage of so-called Airdrops, which are now very useful methods of increasing the spread of a cryptocurrency by distributing a certain amount of it completely free of charge. However, it is very complex: if you were looking for more fun and simple methods, move on to the next ones. But if you are interested in learning more about Airdrop, read on, because you will discover a new and fascinating world. Airdrops are in fact free dissemination and distribution systems for emerging cryptocurrencies: their purpose then is to spread the word about new cryptocurrencies or new services, and in exchange for some (more or less) operations users are given new cryptocurrency. These operations range from simply signing up for new portals dedicated to cryptocurrency to downloading new apps, as well as depositing certain amounts or buying new currencies. Obviously, each airdrop has its own value, its own "level of difficulty," and its own duration. It should also be said that airdrops are many and constantly increasing... but fortunately there are special portals that keep track of active airdrops (and eliminate those that have expired or are worthless) to make sure that interested users can be constantly updated: among them, the best known and most useful is certainly the site, but you can find many similar sites around the web.

2. Coinbase

how to earn free cryptocurrency

Let's turn instead to Coinbase, which is both a site and an app that allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrency. Nothing different from many other such services you will say, but no! Because Coinbase combines all this with some of the features of the airdrops above, thus allowing you to learn about new cryptocurrencies, learn their history and characteristics, and, thanks to very simple quizzes (which by the way you can NOT make mistakes on, just retry until you guess), earn those same cryptocurrencies for a value that can vary from $3 to $10 at a time in very few seconds! Of course, these quizzes and gifts are not available every day, but we assure you that without any effort you can end up with a pretty good wallet directly on Coinbase. Try it to believe!

If you want to buy crypto or get about 50 euros of cryptocurrency for free thanks to Coinbase Earn, you will necessarily have to have an account on Coinbase. Therefore, you need to go to the official website of Coinbase and follow the directions provided by the site, however, the procedure is very simple and takes very few minutes.

3. Brave

how to earn free cryptocurrency

Let's completely change genres and talk together about one of the most interesting projects ever, especially from a future perspective. Brave is in fact a real web browser, along the lines of Chrome. It works perfectly on both desktop and mobile, is very fast, very secure, and reliable, and what's more, on the phone it consumes less battery and bandwidth than its counterparts. Also because by default it eliminates the most intrusive ads thanks to the seamless integration of an internal Ad Block. Regardless of everything, in short, it is a highly recommended browser and absolutely worth trying. But what does all this have to do with cryptocurrency? It's quickly said: Brave removes all ads from the sites you visit but, only if you want to, of course, it can show in their place ads related to cryptocurrency that pay YOU for every click and view. These are not at all invasive advertisements, very limited in number and frequency (by the way, you can configure how often to see them), which only increase your wallet of BAT (Basic Attention Token), a proprietary Ethereum token owned by Brave Software itself. The money will be deposited into your wallet each month depending on how much you have been using the browser, at which point it will be up to you to decide whether to deposit it elsewhere, convert it to other crypto, or use it still within the browser to donate it to your favorite sites (if and when enabled for this service). How to do it. Go to the site in question, for example to our IlMeglioDiTutto. click on the little red triangle in the address bar and a window will open to enable and disable advertisements but also  send a donation to the publisher in question. In short, with Brave, we open the way for a Web 3.0 in which it is the users themselves who are paid to browse and watch advertisements and in which always the users can decide which site to reward.

4. StepDrop

how to earn free cryptocurrency

Have you ever thought you could earn money for your daily physical activity? StepDrop allows you that and much more, as it is an app that allows you to earn cryptocurrency for free just by walking, playing games, and learning something new about the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Download the app to your smartphone, easily connect it with your usual tracking system (e.g. Google Fit or HealthKit) and start earning for every step you take. Plus you can take quizzes, "bet" (don't worry, you don't lose anything) on Bitcoin's performance, and even challenge your friends and family. And for every action you take, a prize in YNG awaits you, which you can then later convert into whatever you prefer.

5. Sweatcoin

how to earn free cryptocurrency

Like StepDrop, Sweatcoin also allows you to earn free crypto, in this case, the SWEAT token, simply by walking. The advantage of this app, available for all Androids and iPhones, is that you don't have to redeem daily steps-it does everything automatically, but if you want to increase (and by quite a bit) the SWEAT you earn each day just open the app and take advantage of so-called "Daily rewards," which is to complete three simple tasks (consisting of watching 30-second video ads) and cash in more. SWEAT earned each day can be converted to cash or spent in their virtual store to possibly buy items you like. Very nice app, worth a try!

6. bitCashback

how to earn free cryptocurrency

If like us, you love shopping and especially online shopping, you will love bitCashback. In fact, this is a site that offers real cashback on purchases made at over 600 participating online stores, including the likes of MediaWorld, AliExpress, Decathlon, Ebay,, and many, many more. To participate, all you need to do is sign up for the service, depart from the site in question to land on the partner stores, and simply make your purchases with peace of mind. At that point, a percentage of the amount spent will be recognized and "refunded" to you but in the form of Bitcoins.

7. Play To Earn

how to earn free cryptocurrency

Let us delve further into the interesting play-to-earn mode with what are games and video games in their own right. The most popular and played at the moment are:

  1. The Sandbox: very promising metaverse
  2. Axie Infinity: fight and collect fantastic creatures called Axie
  3. WIzardium: NFT Gaming metaverse where magic becomes reality
  4. TankBattle: turn-based strategy game based on NFT
  5. Star Atlas: an amazing MMO set in space that currently allows you to earn ATLAS by lending your own combat ships
  6. Cukies World: the first NFT-based play-to-earn game in the Tron network
  7. SolChicks: fantasy battle game on Solana
  8. Wanaka Farm: a kind of Farmville with crypto!
  9. Thetan Arena: very fun MOBA to take on different multiplayer challenges
  10. Hash Rush: sci-fi RTS set in the fictional Hermeian galaxy
  11. Town Star: blockchain simulation game from Gala Games
  12. Fortified: tower defense game based on NFT!
  13. Mirandus: build your kingdom and defend it
  14. The Walking Dead Empires: search for zombies and fight them to survive!
  15. Last Expedition: first-person shooter in the Galaverse
  16. ChainMyth: 5vs5 first-person shooter where you can earn MYTH
  17. NFT Worlds: 10,000 virtual worlds, living on Ethereum

8. Sorare

how to earn free cryptocurrency

Still on the topic of games, let's instead move on to Sorare, an online and international fantasy soccer game where you are rewarded for wins in tournaments, for the value of your team, or even simply for trading/selling your virtual collectible cards. These because again all cards are identified as NFT and as such can be sold, even at very high prices. This is because at the beginning of each season a specific quantity of cards is minted for each player: 100 rare examples, 10 super rare examples, 1 unique example, plus a multitude of common cards. When you join Sorare you receive precisely the first free cards, at which point you can build your team and participate in the first tournaments.

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