Here's why RBIS is the best currency to buy right now
Here's why RBIS is the best currency to buy right now

In the current bear market, all kinds of digital assets have been hit, but there are still great opportunities for investors looking to profit from the slump.

One of the best coins that have generated steady passive profits during the bearish period and have shown great promise as a long-term investment is RBIS, the token that powers the ArbiSmart project.

An automated investment platform

Here's why RBIS is the best currency to buy right now

One way the ArbiSmart platform can provide consistent and reliable income, even when cryptocurrency prices are falling, is through automated cryptocurrency arbitrage. 

The platform user deposits funds that are automatically converted into RBIS. The system, which is linked to 35 exchanges, tracks hundreds of cryptocurrencies simultaneously looking for instances where a coin is briefly available at different prices at the same time. It then uses deposited funds to buy at the lowest price offered and then instantly sell at the highest price to make a profit. 

These temporary price differences occur all the time, with the same regularity whether the cryptocurrency market is up or down. As a result, even if cryptocurrency prices are falling, platform users will continue to earn a predictable passive profit of up to 45 percent per year, with the exact amount determined by the size of the deposit.

A portfolio that generates daily interest

Here's why RBIS is the best currency to buy right now

Another passive profit channel in a bearish market will be available in the coming weeks. In June 2022, ArbiSmart will introduce an interest-generating portfolio.  

Supporting several cryptocurrencies and FIAT currencies and offering a range of savings plans, the wallet will provide secure storage while guaranteeing rates of up to 147 percent per year on RBIS and 49 percent per year for all other currencies.

Portfolio holders can deposit funds without interest and retain immediate access to them, or lock some or all of their funds in long-term savings, earning a higher interest rate the longer the funds are locked in. The more RBIS hold a portfolio, the higher the interest rate received on all supported currencies stored in the portfolio.

Daily interest on funds in the locked savings account can be transferred to an open balance, allowing immediate withdrawal, or it can be kept in the locked balance, along with the initial deposit, to earn higher returns.  

A challenging third quarter 

Here's why RBIS is the best currency to buy right now

Another reason RBIS represents such a promising investment opportunity is that the ArbiSmart development team is in the process of releasing some new EU-authorized utilities in the next quarter, and RBIS will be required for the use of all of them. 

In quick succession, ArbiSmart will release a mobile version of the portfolio and then a decentralized yield farming service, offered through Uniswap and integrated with the ArbiSmart dashboard. Users will be able to invest capital in ETH/RBIS and USDT/RBIS liquidity pools in exchange for 0.3 percent commissions on each trade and annual returns of up to 190,000 percent. 

At the same time, ArbiSmart will also launch a marketplace, where participants can purchase non-fungible tokens (NFTs), using RBIS. In addition, the project will release a digital artwork collection with thousands of unique virtual objects.

Maintaining growth momentum

Here's why RBIS is the best currency to buy right now

The ArbiSmart development team plans to keep the momentum going until the end of the year with the introduction of its cryptocurrency exchange and the launch of a play-to-earn metaverse. With RBIS as the currency of the digital world, players will be able to earn income from the real world by buying, building and selling virtual real estate, as well as buying, and selling in-game items. 

All of the many utilities that will be introduced during 2022 to expand the ArbiSmart ecosystem will require the use of RBIS, so the addition of each new product or service will increase the demand for tokens. In the meantime, supply is limited,  to demand increases, the number of available tokens will shrink, driving up the price of RBIS.  

Although the cryptocurrency market is currently on a downward trend, the RBIS token is potentially very profitable. First, it offers consistent passive profits in a bearish trend. Instead of just HODLING Bitcoin or Ethereum, waiting for a change in market trajectory, cryptocurrency owners can make their money work for them with automated cryptocurrency arbitrage and an interest-generating wallet. 

Second, with all the new developments in the pipeline, ArbiSmart is expanding into a diverse ecosystem, offering a wide choice of value-added financial services that are growing the community and establishing the long-term viability of the token. 

To take advantage of the opportunity, while the token price is still under $1, buy RBIS today!

Here's why RBIS is the best currency to buy right now

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