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what is ekrona cryptocurrency ? 

In the last few weeks, one cryptocurrency has attracted particular attention worldwide: we are talking about eKrona. It is the first official Swedish cryptocurrency that will be used for trading and any other transactions and payments in the future.

Central banks around the world are considering the adoption of digital currencies (CBDCs, or Central Bank Digital Currencies) in response to the decline in the common use of cash (like Sweden, China is also studying its own cryptocurrency).

eKrona is the first official platform for the decentralized currency e-Krona, where investors can buy or sell tokens. But not only that.

eKrona is also a robot trading platform, which, therefore, trades e-Krona and other cryptocurrencies completely independently. This regulated and licensed trading robot monitors the cryptocurrency markets around the clock and automatically executes the best profits for its clients.

Like other automated trading platforms, eKrona relies on complex algorithms and artificial intelligence. But what is e-krona cryptocurrency actually? And how does the eKrona trading service work? Here's everything we found out.

What is eKrona?

What is eKrona

eKrona is an automated investment bot for Sweden's first official cryptocurrency: e-Krona. The software is designed to provide valuable market data that facilitates asset trading.

The software offers real-time data-driven analytics and market insights so you can make reasoned decisions.

eKrona works through a complex algorithm that aims to automatically close the best trades for its users. eKrona promises its clients high returns due to the mechanism behind the software.

The software uses certain indicators and trading signals to identify the best trades before they happen.

The use of robots or trading programs is now commonplace among investors in the financial markets. Trading robots behave like trading software: based on historical data and corresponding signals, the best trades are selected for the client.

In general, the platform is  structured and the trading bot can be used even by beginners and more experienced users.

eKrona (KRN), the first European cryptocurrency

eKrona (KRN) is the official digital currency of Sweden. As it is still in beta testing, it is not yet accepted as an official digital currency. Yet, it has already attracted a huge amount of attention, making the value extremely volatile.

The eKrona cryptocurrency was launched three months ago and is currently trading at five times its initial listing price. It is expected to continue rising and, according to insiders, its value could surpass that of Bitcoin by 2025.

Is eKrona a scam or does it work?

Before we get into the details of this review, we want to show you the results of the test we did on eKrona. With a deposit of just a few hundred euros, we managed to make a profit after a few days, but only because we always kept an eye on the trading robot.

However, we only spent about half an hour a day. We also opted - almost exclusively - for automated trading. Of course, there are also numerous trading robots that act fraudulently.

According to what has been our experience on eKrona, we can say that it is not a scam. There is always a risk in asset trading and of course you should always be aware of it.

In general, we recommend bot trading only to those who are aware of their risks and want to go through this experience.

For eKrona, the privacy of its customers is a top priority. All accounts are set up and encrypted using the latest technology, making them impervious to hackers. Even customers' personal information and names are encrypted for maximum security.

How eKrona Works

How eKrona Works

Much like other trading robots in the industry, eKrona claims to offer automated trading software that can generate profits for its users.

This trading software can be used by the user for free, with the only requirement being to deposit a minimum of €250. While it is impossible to know exactly how this technology works, it is important to note that there are many new trading robots in the cryptocurrency market recently.

In any case, the software behind eKrona uses artificial intelligence and complex algorithms to close profitable trades for the user. However, since the early 1990s, there have been many automated trading machines that work on stock and foreign exchange markets and are completely legal.

eKrona behaves like any other trading software where you can set certain parameters. According to the website, it has a trading accuracy of 97%.

As for the actual operation, the valence as an automated trading robot would be enabled by the presence of the latest generation technologies.

Among these, as already seen in many other similar platforms, there would be:

Artificial Intelligence (AI): eKrona as mentioned claims to use artificial intelligence in association with market analysis, also integrating specific signals, to obtain all the necessary information on the performance of a given trading instrument.

Blockchain: always within the information section, the platform also claims to use blockchain technology within its processes.

The user would also have (again according to the information declared by the platform), the opportunity to set at his discretion automatic mechanisms such as stop loss and take profit, thus being able to modulate the risk appetite on the basis of his needs.7

How to use eKrona

But how do you open an account with eKrona? We will now see how opening an account on eKrona works. Registration is usually completed in a few minutes.

As is customary in the industry, the registration form on eKrona can already be found on the homepage of the site. Moreover, as you scroll through the portal, several buttons and forms will appear that you can use to easily register on eKrona.

In this regard, for the sake of completeness, we will recall below the main steps exposed by the online platform, focusing on 3 key points:


Initial Deposit

Trading on eKrona

1. Registration

How to use eKrona

Let's start with the first step of opening an account with eKrona, the registration process. In this window, all you need to do is enter your last name, first name, email address, and phone number.

Initially, there is no further information about registration: some may like it, and some may not. One thing is certain, though: registering for eKrona is quick and easy. Instead of questionnaires and numerous verification steps, all you need is a confirmed email address.

2. Initial Deposit

At the registration, stage eKrona offers the deposit stage. This is used to fund your account so you can use the different features offered by the system and the different partner brokers.

The minimum deposit declared by the platform amounts to 250€, identical to other similar services, which we have had the opportunity to know in the course of our previous insights, such as Bitcoin Rush or Bitcoin Compass.

But what would be the payment systems made available by eKrona? In order to allow a greater degree of diversification and choice to users, the systems associated with the platform would allow to deposit through:

Bank transfer

Electronic Wallet

Crypto wallet

Credit or debit cards

3. Trading with eKrona

After the initial deposit is successful, you can start trading with e-Krona cryptocurrency. Of course, it should be mentioned that this is a trading platform that you can only use to trade e-Krona.

The platform is automated and can allow users to simply turn on the automatic trading feature and allow them to trade according to their algorithm.

But it is of course possible to trade manually as well. According to what has been our experience on eKrona, it is important to set important parameters before trading live.

For example, you can block the purchase of eKrona cryptocurrency when the price drops below a certain threshold or monitor and sell the price of eKrona when it reaches a certain level.

Is there an eKrona app?

eKrona app

The eKrona platform does not currently offer an app for smartphones or tablets. However, you can also use this application from your cell phone, via browser.

In fact, the website is optimized for almost all mobile devices and you can access it from anywhere and at any time.

It would of course be desirable if the platform would consider offering an internal app for Android and iOS devices in the future. This would make trading much easier.

In our test, however, we were able to use the trading bot from smartphones without any problems. The easiest way, of course, is to access eKrona's services on a computer using the web app.

eKrona: Key Features

Exposing the main features of eKrona means taking into consideration all the services associated with the platform's functionality. Each trading service structures a number of ancillary services, used by traders as support.

Let's take a look at some key points regarding Bitcoin Wealth:

Easy-to-manage platform: eKrona claims the presence of simplified management, made available with basic options and intuitive sections. This is all in an effort to make the user experience as easy as possible.

Dedicated advisor: the platform would provide a real representative, aimed at helping and supporting the trader on his first steps within the system.

Demo Account: eKrona offers its customers a demo account. This will allow you to practice with this platform before investing. The platform has an optional demo trading tool that can be accessed through the website.

Presence of Indicators: in association with the operation, eKrona recalls the presence of several analytical tools. Among them, 6 of the most famous trading indicators would be available, up to 7 diversified timeframes.

The same indicators, linked to the so-called range of trading signals, would work with the artificial intelligence system, so as to obtain more information about the trend of the instrument, or the market of interest.

How much can you earn with e-Krona trading?

One of the most frequently asked questions, by traders and enthusiasts in the industry, concerns the possibilities of earning money. This is the so-called return on investment (ROI) associated with speculating in the markets.

In this regard, a clarification is important. As mentioned earlier, no system (as of today) is able to establish with mathematical certainty the obtaining of potential profits. The activity of online trading should not be underestimated, but considered professional in all respects.

One of the most common mistakes, committed especially by novice traders, concerns the idea of being able to become rich in a short time, but especially without great efforts. Contrary to this, trading requires passion, desire to improve and awareness of the risks.

eKrona: Opinions and Reviews

At the moment, there are not many reviews on the net about eKrona, as the currency is still under development and the trading platform was launched only recently.

However, you can already read some extremely positive reviews and tests. Especially appreciated are the demo account, the simplified registration and the intuitive platform of eKrona.

There are also many good reviews about the security. However, it should also be noted that e-Krona is currently still under development and could be launched by 2022. So it should be possible to make payments and purchases with e-Krona and, consequently, access digital currency in advance through eKrona.

eKrona: Conclusions

In our opinion, the eKrona trading robot is an extremely interesting investment experiment that is bound to be successful. In our test, we were able to try the bot and make a profit; but of course, there is also the risk of losses. Even though there is complex software behind it, you should always monitor the activity of the bot.

Using it via your smartphone was also not problematic. Like other trading robots, the minimum deposit is low, in the worst case a loss would be bearable. We recommend at first not to exceed the minimum deposit amount which is 250 euros.

Since eKrona is a new trading robot, there are still few reviews around about this platform. Moreover, the digital reference currency, e-Krona, is still under development.

eKrona Frequently Asked Questions

What is eKrona?

EKrona is an automated trading platform. Once you register and make your first deposit, the bot closes successful trades for you automatically and without any action on your part. It should be noted that you can only trade with e-Krona, the digital currency of Sweden.

Is eKrona a scam?

In our testing of eKrona we could not find any signs that the provider was fraudulent or in any way related to some form of scam.

How much can you earn with eKrona?

During our guide we have as of today there are no systems that can give absolute certainty about possible returns on investment. This is because of the presence of risk and the unpredictability of the markets.

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