how to invest in cryptocurrency
how to invest in cryptocurrencies (cryptocurrency) 2022

 Today, is investing in cryptocurrencies an opportunity or a risk? This is what millions of people around the world are asking themselves when they see the new records established by virtual currencies in terms of quotations and it is normal that they are wondering if they are not missing a great opportunity or if investing in this field is a risk to be avoided.

In fact it is normal that already the word investment sometimes even comes to scare, but if you turn to the sector and the right assets the word invest can only sound as sweet as music.

So what we're going to do here is try to figure out whether or not it's worth investing in cryptocurrencies. Don't miss this guide because in addition to clarifying whether or not it is profitable we will also talk about the individual virtual currencies currently in circulation to understand how they are doing and which of them could know a boom in these times or in the near future.

At the moment there are more than 2.186 virtual currencies (with a capitalization of more than 228 billion dollars) in circulation and they are not few, it's impossible to know all of them but there are some to which we must pay great attention, both on the markets and for a possible landing in the real economy.

At this moment, the thing that is clearer is that very few people know the world of virtual currencies and even less really understand how they work. Is this good or bad? Certainly on the one hand this doesn't add to the liquidity of the market, but on the other hand it means that an attentive investor can take advantage of cryptocurrency trading opportunities without the hassle of strong competition.

The media itself is not giving much prominence to the potential of blockchain and its developments, moreover since the birth of bitcoin many have been led to think that this system would be just a meteor that would soon fade away, but this was not the case and you only have to look at today's data to understand this given the current market price of bitcoin which is really exorbitant and no one expected it.

Investing in cryptocurrencies: how to start ?

Now the important question to be solved is more about HOW to invest in cryptocurrencies and therefore what tools to use. In this regard, there is a twofold possibility for a potential investor, namely to buy or sell cryptocurrencies on exchanges or to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in online cfd trading.

The first way to invest in cryptocurrencies with Exchanges involves more direct operations with digital currencies by the investor.

Once identified a good Exchange with a positive reputation on the net, it is necessary to proceed to a first registration enclosing in the case also personal documents for the verification of its identity and choose a Wallet on which to make payments.

Among the merits of Exchanges, the low commission costs to buy or sell cryptocurrencies in a direct way and also thanks to a greater liquidity.

Among the drawbacks, however, there is that you have to be very careful in the online registration phase and avoid scams from momentary and not solid Exchange for online buying and selling. However, this limitation is easily overcome thanks to a direct research on the web channels or even thanks to the valuable resources you will find within this site.

A second way to invest in cryptocurrencies with online trading brokers involves the use of financial instruments known as contracts for difference in which the investment transaction is mostly about the price trend and a positive or negative trend on which to open a buy and sell order in the platform.

Among the merits of online CFD trading, there is that of being able to invest in cryptocurrencies with minimal capital and also being able to rely on free tools such as educational centers and demos for online training and practice traders.

Among the shortcomings, the non-direct purchase of cryptocurrency, but the features of contracts for difference and the advantages of being able to invest at any time according to market trends with online buying or selling operations, well allow to overcome this small limitation.

How to invest in cryptocurrencies ?

how to invest in cryptocurrency
how to invest in cryptocurrencies (cryptocurrency) 2022

To invest in cryptocurrencies and proceed with the purchase or sale of the best digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and many others with online quotations among the most interesting you can opt for two valid alternatives such as exchanges and online brokers for CFD trading in cryptocurrencies.

The main difference lies in choosing the type of operation to be undertaken and whether or not to aim for the direct purchase of digital currencies. With exchanges, in fact, you proceed to the direct purchase of cryptocurrencies, while with cryptocurrency brokers you operate mainly with contracts for difference. In both cases, moreover, it is possible to operate with low commission costs on cryptocurrency buying and selling operations.

Investing in cryptocurrencies through exchanges

To invest in cryptocurrencies with exchanges is to choose the platform on which to operate and be able to exchange cryptocurrencies in real currency (in this case the main currencies of exchange are Dollar and Euro) or cryptocurrencies with other cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin in this case is the main virtual currency of reference). After a first phase of online registration and sending of personal documents you can then proceed to the real investment.

Two main advantages of this solution, the low cost of commission to perform direct trading operations on the best cryptocurrencies and also exchange them in real money or the high liquidity of these cryptocurrencies. Online security and offline data processing, moreover, are among the top priorities of Exchanges to invest in cryptocurrencies. Among the best solutions to invest in cryptocurrencies through exchanges?

Undoubtedly Binance , or Coinbase are among the most searched and used ones in the world and this thanks to the quality of services offered to the customer and with honest commissions.Most searched and all with low commission costs to exchange the best cryptocurrencies.

Investing in cryptocurrencies through online trading in CFDs

how to invest in cryptocurrency
how to invest in cryptocurrencies (cryptocurrency) 2022

In order to invest in cryptocurrencies through online trading in CFDs it is instead necessary to register with a broker. These solutions are regulated by special supervisory bodies and provide, after registration, access to a trading platform that is very simple to use and to manage an order. To invest on cryptocurrencies in such cases, it is necessary to operate with contracts for difference and choose to buy or sell such contracts according to the market dynamics present on cryptocurrencies.

The advantage, is in being able to operate and get benefits even in case cryptocurrencies are very volatile and go through negative trend moments. The best online CFD trading brokers offer the best online accounts to invest in cryptocurrencies and in many cases also free demo accounts and full training for beginners and experienced traders. Among the best solutions to invest online? Brokers like eToro and IQ Option are among the most popular to get started on cryptocurrencies and with low commission costs for online trading.

Investing in cryptocurrencies: is it worth it?

In short, it seems that those who have never invested in cryptocurrencies have made a serious mistake. In the past, but also for the future, this is really a very appetizing opportunity not to be missed.

Especially under the speculative aspect, cryptocurrencies can give a lot because they grow very fast and have very large fluctuations, but as always before you can invest you have to know them better otherwise everything could be reduced to the classic waste of time and money and you do not want this to happen right? Well then follow us and come to discover all the inaccuracies that are said around what concerns the investment in cryptocurrencies and especially on 3 major projects such as ethereum, bitcoin and litecoin.

Making this statement is practically committing the mistake we were talking about before, that is to believe that it is only a bubble destined to burst, so investing in cryptocurrency has no interest and no perspective. But by now those who know a little bit about the sector know well what a great movement and interest cryptocurrencies have generated worldwide: people like developers, people who undermine currencies, traders or people like you who want to invest in business and dreamers who aspire to see a world free from the tyranny of banks and this can only happen by getting rid of the classic currency and using the free currency or that of bitcoin and other virtual currencies.

The extent of the phenomenon of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is better understood if we look at the case of Ethereum, the second cryptocurrency in the world for use and also for capitalization, which has managed to do something that was not thought possible.

The Enterprice Ethereum Alliance is an organization of multinationals among the most important and influential in the world that include industries, oil companies, gas companies, and also those who develop software such as Micrsosoft, all of them have just officially launched a project dedicated to the development of Ethereum! It will therefore be the case to consider Ethereum and start investing in it you say?

Cryptocurrencies are little diffused and used

Another cliché to be debunked is just that. What many people say is that investing in cryptocurrencies would be unprofitable and risky because it is an asset that is not very liquid and not widespread, therefore very little used. But if this is true, how do they break through the ceilings they had previously reached in terms of value from time to time?

Bitcoins have gone in a few years from a few dollars of average value of 7,000 each ( peaks close to 20,000 dollars recorded at the end of the year 2017 ), this is a proof of the great potential, plus it is known that transactions are generated in the world with virtual currencies for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Think that by now even in Italy the degree of diffusion has reached unexpected levels. For example, a real estate agency started to accept payments only in Bitcoin a few years ago and has already sold some apartments in this way, this is a sign that it is spreading more and more in everyday life as a means of payment even if it is not yet a tangible currency.

The big advantage is also the complete anonymity and freedom from the interbank system that are pushing more and more people to use bitcoins. Moreover, if you want to check how widespread bitcoins are, just download the app called Quibitcoin that shows you all the businesses that accept the currency as a method of payment.

Investing in cryptocurrency is complicated and not for everyone

how to invest in cryptocurrency
how to invest in cryptocurrencies (cryptocurrency) 2022

This is the third and last cliché to be debunked and there are many reasons why you should never listen to rumors like this and risk missing the opportunity to invest in a great business that is taking off. In reality, both mining cryptocurrencies and buying them today is a pretty simple operation. But the best thing to do is trading cryptocurrencies through CFDs to be done directly online and is certainly the activity with the highest profit margins.

The first thing to do is to understand the systems that are currently available and find good and proven trading techniques, then we will think the strong fluctuations typical of the markets of virtual currencies to make the profits jump up. Of course, however, you can't say that it's a walk in the park, you need to study a lot to understand how to apply the best tactics and engage in the right market trends, with the patience and shrewdness to get out of it at the right time

5 cryptocurrencies that are worth investing in over the next few years

By now we have made it clear that if you can overcome the clichés related to the beliefs about cryptocurrencies investing in them is a respectable and really convenient activity. It is no coincidence that these are now considered by many investors a formidable asset and there are already those who regret not having thought of it before.

If we look at the numbers it is clear that all traders who in the past have bought bitcoins for example, have now accumulated a fortune because their value has skyrocketed for a long time. Only that once they were not worth anything and therefore few have believed in them.

So here are the 5 virtual currencies that are worth investing in right now:


 BitCoin, can be defined as a cryptocurrency to invest in. Nothing more obvious given that the BTC has recently reached a high price compared to the beginning of his career coming today to touch $ 7800 but analysts predict a strong overvaluation for the next few years with peaks that could touch $ 100,000 and more.

As you can see by following the financial news, bitcoin has been growing steadily for about 3 years now. But we also want to mention that the adoption rate of all cryptocurrencies has reached this point. And this is mainly due to the bitcoin trailblazer.

Bitcoins we know well are considered as the cryptocurrency par excellence and it is to these that the majority of other cryptocurrencies owe their existence. Without the mistakes that Bitcoin had to experience first, the others would not have been able to come up with a mechanism as sophisticated and advanced as the one we all know today. In the future, bitcoins can still be a big deal for investors.


 right now ethereum is the second most important virtual currency and comes right after Bitcoins, this is first of all due to its capitalization that as we have seen is largely due to the help of large international companies.

The strength of this currency (which would be the ether because ethereum is the system) is that it is based on a new concept of blockchain useful for the exchange of any type of value directly on the network.

So this is why large multinational organizations have never lost sight of the development of Ethereum and this will not happen even in the coming years when the currency will continue to grow, so our advice is to monitor the situation you too and think seriously about trading on Ethereum with the best online brokers.


 The third virtual currency we want to talk about is Ripple, which allows you to exchange your tokens without charging a fee. Surely there is an upstream organization that is considered one of the most professional and reliable.

Ripple, however, has also undergone strong fluctuations in the past, which led to the value of 10k satoshi, and then go down again and be traded on a value between 800 and 1000 satoshi. Lately, however, the volume of trade is intensifying.

So we can say that Ripple is coming back to the forefront in 2017. Today you can see that the value compared to BTC is quite low. However, it is not ruled out that this currency may soon return to be considered as the first alternative to BTC.


 this currency was initially considered for quite some time as an alternative to BitCoin, also because it had scored very high rates in 2013. Following this success, however, its decline was witnessed and it failed to maintain its initial momentum.

Add to this the fact that the emergence of other cryptocurrencies has, slowed down the race of this coin. Its initial value is $67. Today, however, it is listed at around $4. Despite everything, however, it is easy to see that Litecoin is still the most widely used.

For its usage it is second only to Bitcoin, in most of the websites that accept virtual currency payments. Contrary to everything you may think, the organization is solid and there is no question about the professionalism of the developers, who support the LTC. Based on these considerations, it is not difficult to affirm that Litecoin can come back to the forefront even after a period spent in silence.


 Last among the 5 but only by capitalization, we have the Monero. This cryptocurrency, is considered as the virtual currency of the moment having gone from a valuation of about $1 at the beginning of June 2016 to be worth about $7.5 at the end of November 2016.

Many traders like to speculate on it. This type of investment, has led Monero to be worth $120 today. This is also due to the fame it has earned in being the most anonymous among cryptocurrencies.

There is also to say that the Monero team has announced the development of, which is nothing but a useful gateway for payments and would allow instant conversion between Monero, Bitcoin and Fiat currencies.

If all this is brought to fruition, there would be a massive adoption of Monero by both traders and also merchants.

All of which would lead to a rise in the price, all the way to very high levels, even higher than the current ones. For this reason, Monero is considered a cryptocurrency with very high potential and is for many an investment not to be missed.

Investing in cryptocurrencies: opinions and final considerations

To invest in cryptocurrencies and on the new records set by virtual currencies in the latest online quotes, it is important to understand above all what we are talking about by understanding how they work. We are talking, in fact, about digital currencies and realities such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero and Ripple, which record interesting results in this period and can also be considered for important investment opportunities. Buying cryptocurrencies to date, is very simple and provides two important ways such as Exchanges or CFD online trading brokers.

With the solution of Exchanges you access important merits such as the direct purchase of the aforementioned digital currencies with low commission costs from platforms to date well known and established in the industry such as Binance, Coinbase, Bitpanda and the others listed on our site.

Investing with online trading brokers, on the other hand, means using contracts for difference and operating against the price trend of digital currencies even in the case of high volatility. Also in this case the commission costs are very low and useful tools are also provided such as free demo account and platform with access from the web to invest in a more immediate way on the best cryptocurrencies.

Among the best realities, brokers like eToro and IQ Option both with very competitive operating conditions to invest on cryptocurrencies.

What are the 5 cryptocurrencies on which it is worth investing in the coming years? Well looking at the latest numbers there are now interesting quotes on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and Monero to be traded on Exchanges or CFD brokers.

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