best cryptocurrency online trading simulator
best cryptocurrency online trading simulator 2022

Online trading simulation: which is the best in 2022?

Are you looking for a best online trading simulator?

The best online trading simulators are made available by eToro and XTB.

Both of these platforms guarantee that you can open a demo account for free, without having to make a deposit first.

Looking for a free, unlimited, no-strings-attached online trading simulator? All you need to do is:

go to the site of eToro or XTB

complete the registration wizard by selecting your demo account

start experimenting with your strategies and testing the platform's tools

Simple, quick, and at no cost. In addition, for those who want to go beyond the online trading simulator, they offer the ability to trade online absolutely safely, easily, and without any fees or commissions. A true paradise for novice traders.

Online Stock Exchange Simulation

Before deciding to invest real money, the advice is always to resort to the online trading simulator. This means operating in the markets with virtual money that the broker decides to make available to its users, lowering the risks and gaining, at the same time, a very valuable tool to gain experience.

There are many platforms on the Internet today that allow you to conduct online stock market simulations, which are useful for learning the basics of trading stocks, derivatives, and other investment instruments. Once you locate a broker, you will need to register, completely free of charge, to have virtual capital to invest, and thus create your own securities portfolio.

You can choose from multiple types of financial instruments, such as stocks, ETFs, funds, derivatives, and so on. The best way to invest in the stock market is through CFDs (contracts for difference), which have the advantage of being derivative instruments and thus allow you to make money in any market conditions.

Put another way, with CFDs it is possible to make money both when the value of a security goes down and when it goes up. How can you make money when the value of  security goes down?

Short selling, is a trade that generates a profit when, precisely, the price of a security falls.

From a practical point of view, the operation of CFDs is definitely simple. Having identified the asset of our interest, the only thing we have to do is to analyze the market through the criteria established by technical analysis and fundamental analysis. In this way, we will be able to define the general trend and understand whether our assets will move up or down.

From this point, our investment will require opening a position:

long (bullish), if the market moves upward

short (bearish), if the market moves downward

Should the actual trend mirror our forecast, we will be able to gain from every point scored in one direction or the other. Alternatively, as we will see, on eToro it will always be possible to rely on the experience of the most experienced traders operating on the platform and base our investments on their forecasts.

best cryptocurrency online trading simulator

Online trading simulator: the best platforms

Effectively today there is the possibility to trade with numerous trading platforms that also offer a free and complete simulation experience of the services present. Among them, we have chosen two, which have turned out to be the best from the point of view of security and convenience.

Indeed, we are talking about platforms offered by brokers that protect the security of their members' data and funds, as guaranteed by the presence of licenses issued by CySec and Consob (two of the main supervisory bodies active at the European level).

Convenience, on the other hand, mainly concerns those who decide, after trying for a long time with simulation, to start trading with real money.  In practice, these are platforms that are very easy to use, even for beginners, and also offer exclusive advantages that can be decisive. 

Why choose trading simulations from eToro and XTB, then? Simply because they truly offer the best possible simulation of online trading. Here then are summary reviews of these platforms.


eToro is a great opportunity for those who want an online trading simulation that really works well, that is unlimited, with no strings attached and no negative surprises of any kind.

The beauty of eToro is that most traders who start with a simulation quickly decide to switch to trading with real money.

The reason? Quite simply, with eToro, you can find and copy traders who have performed well in the past with minimal risk.

This form of trading is especially valuable for beginners because they can start right away and can learn trading by observing live what more experienced traders are doing.

Very often the eToro simulation is used just to verify that the copying system really works!


XTB offers perhaps the best simulator of online trading available on the market today and is also one of the best trading platforms out there. It is very simple and intuitive to use, even for a beginner. In addition, all members can request free phone support from a real trading expert.

Thanks to the expert's precise directions, making a mistake is impossible. The expert is available at all times, even when operating with simulation: in this way it is possible to truly learn online trading, without mistakes.

For those who want to learn more, you can register for free for an exceptional course that explains, in detail, how to make money with online trading.

This course has had hundreds of thousands of enrollments in Italy because it is free (other trading guides are expensive), simple to study, and because it explains just the practical, that is, how to make money with trading without wasting time with theory. You can sign up for XTB's course by clicking here.

XTB offers a really good online trading simulation, one of the few that is truly unlimited, with no strings attached and no commitment.

Using XTB's platform in demo mode allows you, among other things, to apply in real-time what you study in the free course. It is truly a winning move that has helped many beginners truly understand how to trade online!

Online trading simulator: why do it?

best cryptocurrency online trading simulator

Today Forex attracts more and more investors and small savers, although there are many users who, although interested in this form of investment, are afraid of losing money due to inexperience. This is why it is important to resort to online trading simulation. The initial approach to new financial instruments never turns out to be easy, and those who are inexperienced are more likely to make mistakes, often induced precisely by inexperience and fear of losing money.

In this regard, one of the great advantages of Forex is the great opportunity, offered to all those who wish to approach this new financial world safely, to be able to gain experience "in the field" without running any risk, thanks precisely to simulated trading.

In fact, online trading simulators allow you to understand Forex, speculating on the currency markets without risking anything. In this way, you will be able to test your skills and acquire the necessary expertise and confidence to trade correctly.

In fact, simulation offers a great advantage, in case of mistakes in the currency market, of not losing money. In fact, the extreme volatility typical of currencies creates problems in their management, especially for novice traders. Therefore, by resorting to a trading simulation (opening a demo account with a broker), you will be able to verify the performance of your investments, just as in a real account.

In addition to the fact that you will become familiar with the whole range of technical indicators offered by the platform and the effects of using leverage. A great opportunity to learn how to trade forex: absolutely worth taking advantage of.

Online trading simulation: opinions

best cryptocurrency online trading simulator

Online trading is becoming more and more popular, thanks mainly to the promises of attractive earnings derived from those who engage in this type of activity.

There are many who wonder whether it is really an opportunity to exploit or just one of the many scams on the Internet. Let's start by saying that earning from online trading is certainly possible, as witnessed by the many traders who profitably trade the markets every day.

If you are wondering how much a trader makes, the answer is highly subjective and varies from case to case.

Becoming "filthy rich" in a short time in fact is not true. With online trading, like any business done seriously and with the right skills, it is still possible to gain satisfaction.

One has to be able to predict the trend of the markets and therefore it becomes basic to study how they work. It is also important to be able to choose a broker registered with CONSOB, which can ensure honesty and reliability.

We recommend using online trading simulators initially so that you do not start right away by putting real money on the line and acquiring the necessary skills (and understanding how the platform works) without risking practically anything.

Operating on demo with different platforms, very often you can also take advantage of special tutorials that allow you to understand the basics of how to trade stock markets. In any case, it should be emphasized that simulated trading is different from real trading.

Why? Simulation is very useful for learning how to move in the markets and understanding how the platform works but is different form its psychological component. In order for online simulation trading to actually be beneficial, you need to operate in exactly the same way as real trading. One should not take risks just because one does not lose real money. You must always follow a method and have discipline even in simulated trading: only by following these simple rules will you, over time, be ready to trade in the real thing.

Online trading simulator without registration

best cryptocurrency online trading simulator

Many novice traders would like to do simulation trading without registration. Entering their data in the brokers' registration form usually takes a few minutes (even less in the case of platforms such as XTB or eToro, which allow immediate registration) and provides very substantial advantages. For example, the ability to start trading with real money without any problems in case you are ready.

But actually doing a trading simulator without registration also does not pay off for another reason: the few trading simulator platforms present do not offer an acceptable trading simulator.

Rather, they are online games. So they are fine for those who simply want to play the stock market for pretend, just to pass the time, but they are not good for those who really want to become successful traders and thus use simulation to hone their skills.

Then again, it is normal to expect greater care in a platform that is the one used by professional traders, from the point of view of the completeness of the tools available and the speed of updating data in real-time. A simulation without registration can never have the same features and quality, as well as being able to differ significantly from the real trading experience.

Think about it: wouldn't it be a waste of time to train on one platform and then have to switch to using another for real trading, perhaps totally different and (surely) more complete?

After the simulator: real online trading

best cryptocurrency online trading simulator

In this guide, we have presented two of the best online trading simulations available on the market today. We already know that simulation is the best way to start gaining experience but the ultimate goal is to achieve success when trading with real money.

Online trading is an activity that can generate high profits but can also have risks that must be taken into consideration.

The biggest risk is running into a scam-that is why it is always worthwhile to trade with reputable forex brokers. In this article, in addition to talking about eToro and XTB, we have also published a list of safe, reliable, and free brokers.

Our advice is to start trading with real money on the same platform on which you apprenticed with the simulator. In this way, the technical steps (by the way very simple) will be perfectly clear and there will not even be a chance to make mistakes.

It is important to emphasize that when trading with real money one must also take into account the emotional aspect: fear of losing and greed.

With the online trading simulator, of course, these emotions do not have any weight, because in practice you do not risk anything. According to the main manuals that discuss the discipline, one of the most important aspects to take care of is precisely the psychology of trading. That is why only when you move to a real account, perhaps starting with brokers with low minimum deposits like the ones we have presented to you, will you really be able to hone the psychological component. Fear of investing, fear of losing, desire to earn more, tendency to take risks: it's just a matter of learning how to manage them!


An online trading simulation is an important tool for those who want to become traders. It should not be forgotten, however, that online trading is not a game, so it is extremely important to devote time and effort to study.

People often think that studying online trading is expensive and complex-all false. For example, XTB's free guide is super easy to study even for a beginner and is, in fact, completely free: just click here to sign up.

The best way to become a successful trader is to study good guidance while using an online trading simulator to gain experience. It takes effort and time but eventually the results come and can be truly spectacular.

Beginners trading online can achieve success faster than they think, as long as they follow these simple tips.

Why are online trading simulations important?

Because they allow you to gain trading experience without risking anything at all.

What don't trading simulations teach?

To master emotions such as fear and greed. For that, you need to trade with real money.

What is the best option for doing an online trading simulation?

There is no doubt that the best option is demos of real trading platforms.

How much does an online trading simulator cost?

With the best trading platforms, it is completely free, with no strings or limits of any kind.

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