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When we are now on the threshold of the third decade of the 21st century, it is normal to look back and regret not having invested in virtual currencies until now. There was a time when bitcoin for example was not worth more than a few dollars, but within a short period, it experienced impressive growth.

Between 2010 and 2013 the value of the first cryptocurrency ever devised went from $4-5 to $1,000, a truly exponential growth that is being confirmed in this period during which the value of bitcoins has risen again to almost reaching $8,000 in just 4 years.

Of course, the problem is that it's impossible to go back to recover lost profits if you hadn't thought about investing in virtual currencies. No time machine can allow you to make up for lost investments... yet there is a solution and it would be to start investing NOW in virtual coins.

This could be the best idea of your life as scholars are predicting that in less than 15 years just in regards to bitcoins you could reach quotes of more than $500,000 and numerous factors suggest this possibility is much more than concrete.

Before we make our list of cryptocurrencies we want to make a few points about good reasons to invest in cryptocurrencies.

From the moment the idea of virtual currency came into the limelight it was the bitcoins that led the way, but then hundreds of variants developed to today we count up to 800. Already from this data, it is possible to come to further conclusions, for example, it is possible to say that:

  • The idea of virtual currency is a winning idea because it is an innovative technology that is going to solve many practical problems and could change people's lives, many trade-offs could soon be overcome through this innovation. In short, there is no hint that the idea of virtual currencies is going to die it is clear that in the future it will only get better and better and evolve more and more;
  • Both bitcoins and cryptocurrencies, in general, are still in the early stages of their career as currencies, so it is almost impossible to say which of these currencies will achieve the greatest success and which instead will die, but out of the 800 total there are at least a dozen currencies that have now taken flight and that we present in the course of this article. As the use of virtual currencies increases, their value will also increase.

However, virtual currencies are a system that can be considered completely safe and legal. More and more official bodies and institutions and even stores now accept cryptocurrencies and this is a sign that it is convenient to use them.

Moreover, the increasing diffusion tells us that the system is completely legal, and for this reason, it will not be abandoned and it involves a strong risk in investments, but only the normal ones related to any trading activity.

One of the fundamental principles behind the success of cryptocurrencies is the fact that they now offer very high standards of security that are also pushing very important companies to make investments in the sector and there is no shortage of rivals. The system that guarantees the total reliability of coins is called proof of work and is a perfect expedient to safeguard against digital counterfeiting.

Most cryptocurrencies use peer-to-peer systems on networks whose nodes are computers of users scattered all over the world.

On the computers are run special programs that perform a sort of function of money purse, for this, there is no need of any authority that controls the system is completely independent, no one can intervene and arbitrarily change the value of the currency, in addition, the system is independent of the international economic circuits making that many of the virtual currencies work as real goods refuge. The transactions of cryptocurrencies and their release occur entirely on the network for this there is no type of centralized system in the form of a physical building other.

All these unique properties can not be explored by traditional payment systems so the advantages of digital currencies are increasingly evident.

Another factor that avoids problems such as inflation lies in the fact that most cryptocurrency are designed to introduce new units of currency as they go along, but in general, a cap is always placed on the amount of currency that can circulate.

This is a system that helps mimic the scarcity advantage typical of precious metals, and so hyperinflation is also avoided. Compared to ordinary currencies managed by financial institutions or held as cash cryptomonads are virtually not susceptible to confiscation by law enforcement, existing cryptocurrencies are all pseudonyms that allow for total anonymity.

As I'm sure you already know the first cryptocurrency has always been bitcoins which are also the most famous and widespread currency up to now, but this does not mean that there are no interesting variations on the theme.

These are currencies that are based on a distributed and encrypted database also called blockchain but often differ from the parent for specific features such as the algorithm that is used, the maximum amount of currency that can be created, or the different sizes of the blocks of data sent.

Best cryptocurrency to invest list: Top 7

In the following list, we will take care of providing you with the indications of the most interesting cryptocurrency for the future and the growth rates they already present at this moment. If you are thinking of starting to trade in cryptocurrency would be the case to consider one of these virtual currencies because managing them is easier also thanks to the fact that always circulate a large amount of useful information to make more prudent investments especially, as it will be easy to imagine, for bitcoins that are now famous and used around the globe, just think that there are already universities that accept them for the payment of university fees.


Bitcoin: you can start investing in bitcoin even without understanding the technical details. All you need is a trading platform to start as well as other cryptocurrencies. The principle on which bitcoin is based and therefore also its market quotations is the so-called blockchain. That a public and shared ledger on which the entire bitcoin network is based.
All confirmed transactions are included in the blockchain this way bitcoin wallets can calculate their spendable balance and new transactions can be verified so that bitcoins can be spent that is actually in the hands of the spenders.

The integrity and chronological order of the blockchain are protected through cryptography an impenetrable security system that offers bitcoin users the assurance of reliability.

Bitcoins can also be mined through the so-called mining process this is a distributed consensus system used to confirm pending transactions by including them in the blockchain. Instead of mining, however, investing in bitcoin is much more convenient because it offers much safer and higher profit margins that cannot fail to appeal to those with capital to invest.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin cash: It occupies the top position among online cryptocurrencies despite its young debut in August 2017 when some developers of Bitcoin, decided to launch a new version of the cryptocurrency with much faster execution of payment blocks and up to 8MB.
The blockchain used is also different between the two cryptocurrencies with lower transactions and costs in the new cryptocurrency. Also surprising are the latest quotes achieved in November 2017, leading to its high ranking in the list of best cryptocurrency.

Dash coin

Dash: many "altcoins" have been born in the world of cryptocurrencies and dash is just one of them. One of the coins that were born right from the experience of bitcoin is dash coin which is a virtual currency that among other things does not hide  the fact that it derives directly from the virtual currency primeval.

Dash aims to be an alternative to improve the main features of bitcoin wherever possible and also add some new features. Dash coins are also considered  real digital cash and use an open-source peer-to-peer network that is safer and faster.

This kind of network is not subject to any kind of control by any governmental body so currency exchanges are completely unchecked, but that doesn't mean they are illegal or unsafe coins.

The owner of the account in any case you are always and only you and no one can have access to your credentials. One of the innovations introduced by this currency is the ability to access instant payments and this allows the transfer of digital money from anywhere in the world to different accounts in a matter of seconds.


Litecoin: here we have another peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and open source software project released under MIT/X11 license. From a technical point of view, this coin also took inspiration from Bitcoins the main successful model in this business.

Litecoins and the advantage of faster confirmation on an online payment

The minting and transaction of litecoin take place thanks to an open-source protocol and are not controlled by any central authority.

As always when a new cryptocurrency is born, the intention is to improve the mechanism of bitcoin through radical changes.

This new virtual currency has had some success in fact some media agencies since 2013 have begun to indicate it as the currency that would overcome the bitcoins, we speak of Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and New York Times, but this did not happen and today we speak of an alternative to bitcoin.

Litecoin is currently the fifth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. There are some fundamental differences with bitcoins such as the speed to process a block litecoin does so every 2.5 minutes and therefore takes 7.5 minutes less than bitcoins. The advantage results in faster confirmation of transactions, on the other hand, such a tight time frame has increased the size of the litecoin blockchain and the number of orphaned blocks.


Ethereum: Since Bitcoin began to gain popularity in 2013, other cryptocurrencies have sprung up and attempted to grab a slice of this emerging market, valued in the billions.

Among the various digital currencies, Ether (Ethereum) has gradually consolidated its status, becoming the second most popular cryptocurrency, and continues to grow. Being much newer, in fact, its introduction dates back to August 2015, Ether is still somewhat dependent on the general attitude towards cryptocurrencies - dictated mostly by Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has become a cherished asset for many traders, as it features strong percentage fluctuations every day and overall gains in the long run.

There are, however, differences between the two cryptocurrencies, which therefore could be affected by different factors. In order to run on the peer-to-peer network, Ethereum contracts "pay" for the use of its computational power through a unit of account, called Ether, which then acts as both a cryptocurrency and fuel.

In other words, unlike many other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum is not just a network for exchanging monetary value but a network for running Ethereum-based contracts. In short, ethereum could also soon become an interesting business on trading platforms.


Monero: this is one of the most recent innovations in the field of virtual currencies. It's a currency that is having a huge success also because in a completely legal way it's used on the dark web to purchase narcotics and drugs online.
The coin has been in circulation for a couple of years and recently has come to quadruple its value. In particular, the success is due to Alphabay, one of the most important sites where you can buy

LSD liquid or hybrid cannabis has decided to open in monero. In any case, the value has not even reached 100 million dollars while bitcoin is still at unreachable values of around 10 billion dollars.

The new system has tricks that make it much harder to track, as it "mixes" multiple transactions to make it harder to reconstruct the path of funds.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, has seen its privacy and security diminished by Governments and private investigators, who have increased their ability to track movements on the network. Right now monero is fifth in market capitalization among virtual currencies but is growing.


Ripple: ripple is now the third virtual currency in the world in terms of capitalization and comes right after Ethereum. It is a rather old system in fact it dates back to 2004 and it is not a real virtual currency. The central idea of who invented ripple as always was to try to develop an independent transaction system. His dream was that on ripple you could create your own economy with your own currency.

Ripple as well as Bitcoin enjoy high-security standards such as to avoid any phenomenon of duplication and forgery. Each hash is unique and each transaction is recorded in a special register that can be consulted at any time.

In a certain sense Ripple follows the idea at the base of all cryptocurrency, except for the maximum number of coins put into circulation which is fixed at 100 billion Ripples, as opposed to 21 million bitcoins.

Another substantial difference between Bitcoins and Ripples is the fee applied to transactions: Ripples currently have very low transactions, generally equal to 0.00001 Ripples. Even though this fee is derisory, it still represents in a way a novelty within the variegated world of crypto money.

Our list doesn't stop only at the main cryptocurrency. On cryptocurrencyglobalnews we also make guides for the so-called "secondary" cryptocurrencies because, very often, they are the ones that are able to give us the best satisfaction today. In this regard, have you already read our guide on the best cryptocurrencies to buy today?

In the list we have mentioned you will find not only the most popular cryptocurrency, but also new and in some cases emerging cryptocurrencies, which have recently appeared on the stock exchange, and are already performing at their best.

Anyway, below you can find the complete list, constantly updated, with the cryptocurrency guides reviewed by our staff:

  • Libra (Facebook)
  • GRAM (Telegram)
  • TRON
  • Bitcoin Gold
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Tezos
  • OmiseGO
  • Zcash
  • NEO
  • Tether
  • Binance Coin
  • NEM
  • Dogecoin
  • EOS
  • Quantum
  • Stellar Lumens
  • IOTA

Cryptocurrency alternatives to bitcoin

Altcoin: this is the term that is used to refer to all the alternatives to bitcoins. Altcoins are good to mine in large quantities and then exchange the mined currencies into bitcoins or real currencies. To mine bitcoins today you need a large amount of hardware and also high quality otherwise it is impossible to produce them "homemade so to speak".

In practice once was enough to install a program on the computer and leave the computer on to mine bitcoin to get more currency and considering today how the value of bitcoins has risen the market was already very convenient, but today it is impossible to mine bitcoin normally with normal computers need  large computing power.

Nowadays instead of mining the best solution is to buy bitcoin now the markets are normalized and many brokers offer the possibility to invest in virtual currencies bitcoin or even all altcoins like the ones we talked about here. The profit margins in online trading are very high because you can earn from both the rise and fall of the value of any cryptocurrency.

To know which are the top ten cryptocurrency in order of ranking by capitalization value ( Market cap ) visit: cryptocurrency ranking

As final note we recommend you to choose one of these currencies and start to know better the market, only in this way you can get important revenues even from capital not very high today there are people who invest even only 100 € by trading cryptocurrency and can within a few years to find themselves with important assets and very high and you know the growth of the capital then the profits continue to increase exponentially.

As evidence of this, there are many people who, a few years ago have believed in the project of bitcoin, and investing even a few hundred euros, today they find themselves with incredible capital.

It's good to point out, however, that not all cryptocurrency can get these incredible successes: before investing, especially in the long term on a cryptocurrency, it is essential to weigh every single aspect of the project in being that there is behind and provide a complete study of the subject, going to make research, documenting the best.
Numerous variables come into play when investing in cryptocurrency, including:

  • project roadmap;
  • Transparent white paper;
  • Reliability of the project;
  • market attractiveness;
  • % of coin distribution on the market;
  • % of coin owned by project proponents;
  • demand and supply of coin;
  • other variables of the market.
and it's exactly, for this reason, that cryptocurrencyglobalnews was founded: to offer a complete 360° information service on the entire world of cryptocurrencies to all those who wish to get the best information.

Final considerations

In just 4 years, the value of Bitcoin has undergone exponential growth until reaching one of the record figures in its history. There are also other important variants that record remarkable performances and well represent the idea of a completely virtual currency to be used as a means of payment with fast payment times and low costs for commissions. Moreover, more and more official bodies and stores are getting ready to accept cryptocurrencies confirming the success of the cryptocurrency moment.

These digital currencies now offer high-security standards and peer-to-peer systems for online exchange between multiple users and anywhere in the world without any kind of centralized system or physical building.

What is the best cryptocurrency to trade? Is there a list of the best ones? You can't help but start with Bitcoins, the first cryptocurrency to be created on the logic of all-digital coins and whose transactions are confirmed in blockchains and protected with cryptographic systems. Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, and Ripple are other important and widely used alternatives among the main digital currencies on the list.

Other times you may have come across the term Altcoin. Well, it is a more generic term used to classify all the other alternatives on Bitcoin, and on which it is worth taking a little look to identify the top ten cryptocurrency in order of ranking and choose  whom to invest evaluating the most important variables such as reliability of the project, attractiveness of the market and demand and supply of currency.

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