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An Online trading simulator (demo) is an integral component of the education process for novice traders and equally important for professional investors who wish to test new trading strategies.

Online trading simulation helps to understand the dynamics that influence the markets. In addition, it is a great tool for training before investing real money in financial instruments. Nowadays, anyone can start trading online. Numerous platforms provide their users with useful and interesting training materials. 

In short, you are spoiled for choice if you want to trade on the best online trading platforms. In the article, you will find out which are the best free online trading simulators to start with. Take some time to inform yourself, we are sure you will not regret it.

What is an investment simulator?

An investment simulator is software capable of reproducing all the functionalities of the investment platforms, mainly using virtual money. The trader will thus have the possibility to practice online trading without risking his own money.

New investorsas well as seasoned ones use the investment simulator to test new and different strategies and to practice the knowledge obtained through training courses.

Various online brokers offer the service of the investment simulator. Some of them are free of charge, while others require the registration of an account or the payment of a minimum deposit.

The most popular investment simulators are those involving financial markets. Users have the opportunity to manage an investment portfolio based on real financial instruments:

Most financial simulators on the market, use a data feed with a delay of about 15-20 minutes to ensure that users cannot use this information on another competing platform. Some services may also use random data to mimic the value of financial instruments.

The purpose of this tool is to allow users to practice with virtual funds in a real market and see if they would make a profit with a given investment.

Best Online Trading Simulators

What are the most interesting investment simulators? And which platforms offer the possibility to trade online with a demo account?

Here are the best demo accounts to trade online:

  1. eToro (€50)
  2. (€100)
  3. Iq Option (€10)

In brackets, is the minimum deposit required to activate the real account. On the contrary, the Demo version will always be free!


One of the most important tools for anyone who wants to start trading online is the demo account of eToro, one of the most famous trading platforms in the world.

The eToro demo account offers free and unlimited access with the possibility of using up to $100,000 of virtual money. With the demo account, you can use all the features and services that you can access with a real account. 

How can a demo account help you?

  • You can connect with a professional investor
  • Activate eToro's Copy Trading feature to replicate the trades of the best investors
  • Understand how all the broker's tools work

The demo account is useful, not only in the initial learning phase but also when you decide to test yourself with real will still have the opportunity to try out new strategies within your demo account.

However, we must clarify one concept: the relationship between your virtual and real profiles. When you sign up with eToro you are creating a real and public profile. Along with this, you will have a virtual but private profile.

Many experienced traders agree that eToro is one of the best online trading platforms. On the one hand, the broker allows you to learn online trading best practices for free , and on the other hand, it offers a simple and intuitive interface to use.

All the tools made available by eToro have a single goal: to increase your knowledge about the world of online trading. is another of the most popular online trading platforms available on the web. demo accounts are available for free to all traders and are a great way to try out new ideas and investment strategies. The difference between a demo account and a real account is that with the former you will be able to invest "virtual" money.

You can use all the financial instruments you want, but of course, you won't make any real profit. The purpose of the demo account is to get to know the functions of the broker and understand how your investments would go if they were real.

To access your demo account you need to register with the platform and provide the required information. Registration is very simple and won't take you more than a couple of minutes.

The broker is famous for its intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Another important asset is its excellent customer service. It is also at the forefront in terms of training.

On the website, you have the opportunity to access a vast amount of training material that will help you understand the basics of online trading.

IQ Option

With IQ Option you have from the beginning the possibility to use a demo account and a real account.

You can use the former even when you use your real trading account. This means that you can always execute your trades on both accounts.

The demo account gives you access to all the advantages offered by the platform as if you were  investing. You can invest your virtual money in all the assets available at IQ Option.

The demo account is set up exactly like a real account. The markets you trade in are real markets with the same information. The demo is designed to give you the most authentic trading experience possible. 

In addition, you have access to a multitude of useful resources to deepen your knowledge of the world of online trading. Video tutorials, technical indicators, charts, and market updates, are just a few tools you can take advantage of.

After having access to IQ Option's huge library of content you will be one step ahead of other traders like you. Practice and study make perfect and it is the only way to learn how to trade. 

Plus, if you need assistance you can contact customer service by creating a ticket. They will be very quick to ensure you get an answer to your problems.

Unlike some competitors, IQ Option does not require a minimum deposit to access its demo account for online trading.

We are talking about one of the leading brokers in the industry, regulated by CySEC and on the register of the financial regulator of Great Britain. 

Benefits of the Trading Simulator

Online trading simulation is a risk-free and fun way for investors to get started in the world of trading for the first time.

The best online trading platforms offer their users the possibility of using demo accounts on their accounts. This type of account allows you to use, most of the time, all the features available on the broker.

Most of the time, using the demo account to trade online is free of charge. However, it is very common that you  to complete an account creation procedure or make a minimum deposit.

In the 3 platforms we have reviewed in the previous lines, the registration on Demo will always be free.

A demo account offers the opportunity to try trading platforms in a low-risk environment. But how exactly do they work?

Generally, the demo account is characterized by the presence of virtual money that can be invested at will. The amounts available vary depending on the broker you choose. Some platforms make $10,000 available, others go up to $100,000.

The main advantage is to risk virtual money that does not exist. do not think that you can make a profit from your trades with a test account. Besides, all traders can fine-tune their strategies and even try out new ones.

It is a tool that is mainly used by novice traders, who do not want to risk their money. Most of the time it is a great training ground for professional traders as well. They are always looking for new methods to make profits. Being able to implement strategies to see if they are valid is an incredible opportunity that should not be missed.

Online trading simulator without registration

So far we have only talked about online trading platforms that require registration  to use the demo account. Some of these do not require a deposit, while others do.

There are also some brokers available online that offer online trading simulators without registration. The legitimate question you will have to ask yourself is: is it trustworthy? Do these platforms guarantee a high level of quality?

Our experience teaches us that the answer to the above questions is extremely negative. The platforms that offer this service have a rather low level of trustworthiness.

We know what your main problem is: you don't want to "give away" your email because you are afraid of the continuous newsletters that would come to you. We can assure you that the platforms we mentioned are not nagging, on the contrary, they will contact you at the bare minimum.

Therefore, our advice is to waste a couple of minutes registering on the previously recommended platforms. Besides offering you a quality service, you will have access to very interesting training material that will make you a successful trader in no time.

Simulator of online trading opinions

We know that online trading is an activity that attracts more and more interest from investors, especially attracted by the success stories of famous traders and attractive earning prospects.

However, this does not mean that earning money through trading is an easy and obvious activity. On the contrary, it is necessary to be able to foresee the trend of the markets and therefore it becomes basic to study their functioning. 

For this reason, we believe that it is really useful to start exploring it through the online trading simulator, in order to acquire the necessary skills without risking almost anything.

In addition, the simulation is not only useful to learn how to move on the markets, but it is essential, even for experienced traders, to understand the operation of the platform and to be able to assess whether it has all the features to meet their needs.


The simulator of online trading is done through the use of demo accounts available on most online brokers.

The objective of the demo account is to get the trader used to the platform in such a way as to make him more aware of the available functions. As well as to allow the trader to make investments without investing a penny.

Within the article, we have seen which are the best platforms to trade online: eToro, , and IQ Option. All three allow the user to experiment with their strategies by opening a test account.

However, for the sake of truth, it is necessary to point out one of the most important contradictions of demo accounts. The user, by investing virtual money, does not really identify with the role of a trader.

This can lead to a serious drawback. Using a real account, and therefore investing with real money can cause fear of losing one's capital and prevent the trader from taking a step forward.

Despite this justified emotional gap, using an online trading simulation is, even today, the best way to learn how to trade online and become a successful trader.

Cos’è un simulatore di Trading?

Si tratta della piattaforma messa a disposizione dal broker ma in versione Demo, ovvero con denaro virtuale.

Quali broker offrono i simulatori di Trading?

Tutti i migliori broker regolamentati e professionali mettono a disposizione dei clienti un conto Demo per fare pratica.

La simulazione di Trading Online ha un costo?

No, la versione Demo è sempre gratuita e si utilizza denaro virtuale.

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